Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Team Building - First event of the year.

It's always a challenge to bring together a bunch of girls and turn them all into friends, but to have a successful hockey team means that you have to put effort into your team building!

For our first event this year we put together a series of activities to promote working together.

We started the girls off at our local recreational pool for some swimming - which allowed the parents time to set up for the rest of the activities.  After swimming, we got together and shared some pizza and snacks and then the activities began!

First:  We played a game called 'Switch Sides IF....."
Basically the girls lined up on each side of an imaginary line and switched sides if the statements that I called out were true about them.
For example, we used the following (add to them once you've got the hang of it)
"Switch Sides IF"
- you have more than two siblings
- you are an only child
- you have a dog
- you have a cat
- you have ever ridden on a horse
- you play soccer
- you play lacrosse
- you play baseball
- you love summer more than winter
- you speak more than one language
- you take a bus to school

Getting ready to play Switch Sides If
The girls all decided they like summer more than winter.

 The next activity was called "Player Bingo".  We created a Bingo card and in each of the squares we put a clue specific to one of the players on the team.   This took a bit of background work - I had to contact some of the parents and ask them to help me find something for their daughters.   We used clues such as the names of pets, or something specific to where they lived, we included information about siblings to try and help keep each statement unique.   Each of the girls had to go around and talk to her teammates in order to get them to find out which clue belonged to them, and sign the block.  All of the blocks had to be full.  In the extra boxes that were not filled up, we used easy clues like - have a coach sign here, have a defenseman sign here, have a forward sign, etc.

Once they had their cards filled out - they came up and received their bandanas and nametags.  For the nametags, we made each team a name of two things that went together.  The girls had to read all the nametags to figure out who their partners were.  We had
- macaroni and cheese
- milk and cookies
- salt and pepper
- tutti and frutti
- peas and carrots
- peanut butter and jelly
- spaghetti and meatballs
- left and right

Now we were able to begin the Amazing Race!  Each team started with the Hoola Hoop Relay so that they had to work together in order to start.  Here are the clues that we made up:

We used the following for The Players Creed:
Players Creed
I promise to never be outhustled
I will play both ends of the ice,
Fight for every loose puck
I will sacrifice my time for my team
I will always choose grit over flash
Substance over style
I will work, and sweat, and persevere, so that come game time
My team can shine.
I am a hockey player.

Each of the girls had to sign their names when they finished this task.

It was a great first event, and all the girls had a good time!

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